Monday, February 2, 2009


It's Monday, and it's already February and I'm just real happy because more people are checking this site and sending me emails and reactions (you may also leave your messages on the comments area so everyone can see we're active, I don't want this site to look boring lolz?).

Anyways, I recevied an email today from North Canada, see!!! we are now "LIVE" in Canada, say hello to people in Canada...

The pic on the left is attached to the email I received today and of course I easily recognized the guy in the pic, he's Lucio "lucdag" Daguman from Mombon, a.k.a. brother of ate win-win relos and ate fe serinas (luc ate fe is still here in manila). It's been many years since they have been home, because almost all of them have migrated to Canada.

Luc, thanks for the email and the pic...again if you wanna be heard, the email is

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