Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cebu Pac Sale

I thought I'd share...

For all of you Manila-based Magsohongnons who are planning to go home for our town fiesta celebration by July...As we all know, Calbayog City is now being serviced by three airlines, namely PAL, Zest Air (formerly Asian Spirit) and Cebu Pacific.

The thing is, Cebu Pacific has always been kind to everyone with their montly promos specially during off-peak season (I actually enjoyed it last year when I went to Cebu City @Php 1700 two-way ticket). And since July is an off-peak month, the fare is amazingly cheap, as of today, I checked online and you only need to spend around Php1,000 and yes, that's a round trip fare already.

So, are you going home? Maybe you should, it's gonna be fun and you're not going to spend much (take the bus? its more than 2k for a roundtrip ticket huh! plus the agonizing 18 hour trip). The catch is you have to book as early as NOW!!!! to avail this promo and don't carry much luggage just few clothes and stuff not over 10 kilos otherwise there is an additional charge of Php200.

Check Cebu Pac's Website HERE

Monday, February 16, 2009


an makatigo may premyo!!!!

kanan 50 pesos nga tinapay sa honiara bakeshop...

passes good for 2 sa Alfia Cinema

kanan 20 nga pasayan kan man perlita

round trip tiket to napalisan

free pictorial sa balawarte


Thursday, February 12, 2009

sad news

guys, some sad news from back home...

lola piling trani passed away....

and also mr. juan ursua (father of dodoy & jennlyn)

lets all pray for their soul and may they rest in peace...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mga Mensahe

GUYS, GUYS, GUYS.... for those of you checking this blog (i know i get quite some visitors, i check my stats daily hehehe)..Anyways, there is a new widget ON THE LEFT side of this site and it says "MENSAHE PARA SA TANAN" you can post all your messages, violent reactions, setiments or whatever it is you have in mind...and I promise it will not be edited, censored or erased...

Have a good day everyone :)

p.s. im still gathering some more news to be posted here, stay tuned..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

LucDag 2

Ok, this is kinda funny....

As I mentioned on my previous post, I got this email from Luc Daguman from mombon with his picture which I posted as per request, so that friends will have some update on him. Then my boring day went on....and while at work I checked the blog of lindyjane., she narrated the funny story behind this pic (check the link).. Also, I thought I'd post this picture again because I did not really notice that Lucio was actually standing beside the monitor with this website shown... awwwwwwwww im touched we're officially global lolz!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


It's Monday, and it's already February and I'm just real happy because more people are checking this site and sending me emails and reactions (you may also leave your messages on the comments area so everyone can see we're active, I don't want this site to look boring lolz?).

Anyways, I recevied an email today from North Canada, see!!! we are now "LIVE" in Canada, say hello to people in Canada...

The pic on the left is attached to the email I received today and of course I easily recognized the guy in the pic, he's Lucio "lucdag" Daguman from Mombon, a.k.a. brother of ate win-win relos and ate fe serinas (luc ate fe is still here in manila). It's been many years since they have been home, because almost all of them have migrated to Canada.

Luc, thanks for the email and the pic...again if you wanna be heard, the email is