Thursday, March 26, 2009


Need help guys....
Somebody's looking for these kind of bettles a.k.a "Bagang" in our dialect or Stag Beetles. Maaram ak damo sine sa aton, if you can give information please email
Somebody want's to buy these insects and make them their pets (I'm serious, email me so we can talk about the price, just make sure you have the big ones)

Monday, March 9, 2009


The Alimango Festival of Sta. Margarita went to Cebu City just recently to showcase the culture that we have and as expected, they were well applauded. Here are some pics I got from a professional photographer from Calbayog who was so very kind to share the pics he took.

(All pictures are courtesy of Mr. Nelson Petilla

On these pics I noticed that the team was with Mayor Fred Serrano, Councilors Monina Doinog and Lucy YƱota, Dante Serrano, Edgar Gara, Pong Balios, Bong Gara, Sheila Serrano, Inday Cruda and the rest of the employees of the Municipality (sorry if I couldn't mention all your names, I'm old now and it's so hard to remember all your full names)