Thursday, January 29, 2009

DON Santilleses

Ok another round for long lost kababayans or maybe we just didn't see them when they visited home.

Don Santilleses...Yup, above pics are his, posted with permission and taken from his friendster which you can check here. Don is now based in Singapore incase people are wondering kon hain na daw siya. Go check his friendster and drop some message.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bebe Gandanghari???

NO....NO....NO....NO....this is not a picture of Bebe Gandanghari (now that Rustom is dead)...

I bet most of you don't have the slightest idea who this "lady" is, specially those who left our province and haven't gone home for ages...

well...he's no other than Marlette Latigo, yes, from Mombon. Harin shock kam hano???? Marlette has changed a lot and the changes happened way before Bebe Gandanghari was even born. Marlet still works for the Municipality of Sta. Margarita so you can all see him when you get home and check for yourself how beautiful she is now.

Or might as well check his friendster profile here

Saturday, January 24, 2009

where are they now???

Through the wonders of technology i.e. internet...I was able to get in touch with some of our long lost much have changed since we last saw them and you might not even recognize them easily..

First is Filipinas Tiu a.k.a. Pinas

It's been ages since I last saw Pinas, until she sent me a message on friendster. She is now based in Manila. I mean look at her now, she's far different than the Pinas I know, much prettier though can check her friendster by clicking here

Second is...Linggit

I remember Linggit as my cute neighbor but look at her now...she's now happily married and also based in Manila...see her friendster here

Lastly, Sharon Tamidles - Las Marias

Sharon is now based in Cebu (above pic with her hubby) currently connected with DHL. I was actually in touch with her when I was still working in the Queen City until I moved in Manila where I lost touch with almost everyone.
Are you missing someone??? tell me and we'll find them :)

alimango festival star

I have always wanted to post something about Alimango Festival, sad to say, I haven't gone home to attend our town fiesta for a couple of years now so I don't have any latest pic :(.

I was just browsing the internet and found this pic
(courtesy of
and I thought this guy(?) on the pic looks very familiar and I said "si boyet man ini!!!!", so saved the pic and post it here.

Yes, pic on the left is Boyet Dondillos, I haven't seen Boyet for quite sometime already, the last time I heard is that he left to look for a better life in Manila or somewhere and I think he's not back in Magsohong yet cuz I didn't see him last December when I was there.

If anyone of you guys have pics of the Alimango Festival, kindly email them to so I can post it here, perhaps the world should know that we have our share of our country's culture in festivities.

Kamahal pa ugaring san alimango yana hehehehe...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

don't you wish you were home?

Finally nakauli ak gihapon...I left on the 27th of December then by the 28th I was already in SM. It was fun as usual bisan sige uran and may bagyo. The Elementary Alumni was enjoyable as well.