Thursday, June 11, 2009


Mga kasangkayan nga Magsohongnon, harapit na an fiesta sa aton July 25 to be exact and I already have my plane tickets para makauli. I'm sure we will have lots of update for this site and I apologize for not updating the site as often as I should, it's because I am based in Manila. Mas maupay kunta kon mayda nakakabasa sine nga site nga ada sa aton or may balita sa aton, you can email the updates to

See you soon....

For people in Manila, it's not yet late pwede pa maglukat tiket sa Cebu Pacific Php1600 round trip na, Go-Lite la an tiket para mas barato, it means you can not check-in any baggage, you have to handcarry your stuff and should not exceed 15 kilos.