Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cebu Pac Sale

I thought I'd share...

For all of you Manila-based Magsohongnons who are planning to go home for our town fiesta celebration by July...As we all know, Calbayog City is now being serviced by three airlines, namely PAL, Zest Air (formerly Asian Spirit) and Cebu Pacific.

The thing is, Cebu Pacific has always been kind to everyone with their montly promos specially during off-peak season (I actually enjoyed it last year when I went to Cebu City @Php 1700 two-way ticket). And since July is an off-peak month, the fare is amazingly cheap, as of today, I checked online and you only need to spend around Php1,000 and yes, that's a round trip fare already.

So, are you going home? Maybe you should, it's gonna be fun and you're not going to spend much (take the bus? its more than 2k for a roundtrip ticket huh! plus the agonizing 18 hour trip). The catch is you have to book as early as NOW!!!! to avail this promo and don't carry much luggage just few clothes and stuff not over 10 kilos otherwise there is an additional charge of Php200.

Check Cebu Pac's Website HERE

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