Saturday, January 24, 2009

where are they now???

Through the wonders of technology i.e. internet...I was able to get in touch with some of our long lost much have changed since we last saw them and you might not even recognize them easily..

First is Filipinas Tiu a.k.a. Pinas

It's been ages since I last saw Pinas, until she sent me a message on friendster. She is now based in Manila. I mean look at her now, she's far different than the Pinas I know, much prettier though can check her friendster by clicking here

Second is...Linggit

I remember Linggit as my cute neighbor but look at her now...she's now happily married and also based in Manila...see her friendster here

Lastly, Sharon Tamidles - Las Marias

Sharon is now based in Cebu (above pic with her hubby) currently connected with DHL. I was actually in touch with her when I was still working in the Queen City until I moved in Manila where I lost touch with almost everyone.
Are you missing someone??? tell me and we'll find them :)

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