Saturday, January 24, 2009

alimango festival star

I have always wanted to post something about Alimango Festival, sad to say, I haven't gone home to attend our town fiesta for a couple of years now so I don't have any latest pic :(.

I was just browsing the internet and found this pic
(courtesy of
and I thought this guy(?) on the pic looks very familiar and I said "si boyet man ini!!!!", so saved the pic and post it here.

Yes, pic on the left is Boyet Dondillos, I haven't seen Boyet for quite sometime already, the last time I heard is that he left to look for a better life in Manila or somewhere and I think he's not back in Magsohong yet cuz I didn't see him last December when I was there.

If anyone of you guys have pics of the Alimango Festival, kindly email them to so I can post it here, perhaps the world should know that we have our share of our country's culture in festivities.

Kamahal pa ugaring san alimango yana hehehehe...

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